Welllll, I wasn’t going to post, but…

I have been told to not slack off from blogging these last few days in Istanbul – so here you go, for what it’s worth.

Our lovely trip to Turkey is coming to a close soon.  I really am excited to get home to Dale, my sisters, my brothers, my ma and pa – but we’re still having a wonderful time and there’s only a few more days left in Istanbul, so I plan to make the most of it.

One of the things the guide books say is a “must do” when visiting Istanbul is a ferry trip to the Princes’ Islands.  They are the only islands around the city

So, we got on the ferry, to make our way through the Bosphorous Strait.

Wes is doing his best Leonardo diCaprio “I’m King of the World!” impression.  Aside from the minor detail that we hadn’t left the dock yet, it’s not too bad 🙂

Jun 25 (4)

The Bosphorous Strait forms the boundary between Europe and Asia, separating Istanbul into two continents.  We headed toward the Sea of Marmara, where the islands are located.  It takes an hour or so by ferry to get to there.

The Asian side of Istanbul in the background

Jun 25 (6)

Jun 25 (7)

I’m trying to fix my hair before Jessie snaps my photo…

Jun 25 (18)

Okay – now it’s their turn

Jun 25 (21)

No motorized vehicles are allowed on the islands – everyone gets around by walking, bicycling, or horse-and-carriage.  Yes, horse-and-carriage!  So, naturally, Wes, Jess, and I participated in the horse and carriage tour.  Bethany would have been mortified – playing tourist like that!

Jun 25 (32)

Jun 25 (28)

But it was a fun way to get a glimpse of the island that we visited – the Princes’ Islands are the playground/weekend/summer escape for “rich” Istanbullians.  Lots of beautiful summer homes everywhere we looked.

Jun 25 (30)

It was soooooo hot that we pretty much  sat in the shade, ate a nice lunch, and did a (very little) bit of walking around before the return trip home.

Jun 25 (2)

The heat sort of zaps any energy!  We felt like we had done a hard day’s work when it was over!

Wes and Jess ♥

b&w wes and jes

Time for some ice cream and bed.  It’s a rough life but someone’s gotta do it.  Until next time,  always remember:  “Cok guzelsiniz.” (You are very beautiful!)


About Karen Andrews

Travel With Me to Istanbul Blog: It's my first trip across the Atlantic Ocean! I'll be travelling with my son, Wes, and his wife, Jess (and friends will be joining us during our journeys) to Istanbul, Turkey for the month of June 2013. We have rented an apartment in the heart of the Old City. I can't wait to explore Istanbul and some other places in Turkey!
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2 Responses to Welllll, I wasn’t going to post, but…

  1. Bethany says:

    Thank you for the post! Also, you look SO PRETTY in that picture. I love it.

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