Oh, boy – better quit skipping a day of posting

The whole idea of creating a blog for my trip was because I know how bad my memory is.  I thought if I don’t write about something every day, the month will fly by, I’ll be home, and I will forget lots of little details about my trip.

So, I’ve been doing pretty good – almost every day:  uploading the photos from the day  from my camera, and writing a brief summary of the day’s events.

Yesterday, I left my camera at home.

Last night when we got home about 11:00, we visited for an hour or two and then went to bed (after skyping with Henry!).

This morning I am hard-pressed to remember what we did yesterday.

And I’m sitting here thinking, “I don’t need to write about the mundane things; fixing a late breakfast, lazing around in the cool apartment because of the stifling heat beyond our windows, watching the newscast about the events happening in Gezi Park and Taksim Square, taking a long walk on the banks of the Golden Horn…”

What did we actually do?  This is Istanbul, after all!

Now, it occurs to me – maybe that is what I need to write about now!  The first 2-3 weeks here have been a whirlwind of activities – big stuff – world-famous sites and attractions, new foods, new culture, new everything.  Now, as we wind down into the last couple of weeks in Istanbul, there will be less of the exotic, more of the everyday.  That’s what I will want to remember – how the streets look, how the people live, what the smells are like –

Those are the things that I will most likely forget – the little things.  That’s what I need to be writing at the end of each day. 


About Karen Andrews

Travel With Me to Istanbul Blog: It's my first trip across the Atlantic Ocean! I'll be travelling with my son, Wes, and his wife, Jess (and friends will be joining us during our journeys) to Istanbul, Turkey for the month of June 2013. We have rented an apartment in the heart of the Old City. I can't wait to explore Istanbul and some other places in Turkey!
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5 Responses to Oh, boy – better quit skipping a day of posting

  1. Jan says:

    so that was it for today huh??? better pick it up Sis, that was pretty boring…. lol lol lol …. You missed a great Father’s Day BBQ….. at Sandras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shelley says:

    By the way, you are a great writer!

  3. Matthew says:

    Does this mean we’ll get a dondurma post?

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