Saying goodbye

Said goodbye to my friend, Marie, today.  I pulled a “Dale” at the airport and had to walk away before I started crying.  It was so good to have her here – she is such a dear friend – and we had a fabulous time together. 

Home.  The best place to be.  Started feeling very lonesome for my hubby, my sisters, my mom and dad.  Riding the Metro back to the apartment, there was a  cute little boy in the seat facing me.  I winked at him, he smiled at me, and I started to cry.

The lady beside me said something in Turkish, then in English, “are you fine?”  I swear that Turkish people are so kind – even to strange people on the train.  I just nodded my head to her and wondered how I would explain it to her – even if I could.

By the time I got to the Metro station near the apartment, and out in the fresh air, I was feeling a little better.  

Then, a couple hours later, Wes and Jess and Caleb got home from their side trip to Goreme.  Love those kids.  Feeling much better now 🙂


About Karen Andrews

Travel With Me to Istanbul Blog: It's my first trip across the Atlantic Ocean! I'll be travelling with my son, Wes, and his wife, Jess (and friends will be joining us during our journeys) to Istanbul, Turkey for the month of June 2013. We have rented an apartment in the heart of the Old City. I can't wait to explore Istanbul and some other places in Turkey!
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2 Responses to Saying goodbye

  1. Jan says:

    poor little ree ree, I about started crying when I read this….. lol

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