It’s Picture Time!

Feeling so much better today!

My memory of our tour of the ruins of Ephesus is fading fast.  Being sick must have destroyed a few brain cells.  Thankfully, I have pictures!

In its heyday, Ephesus was one of the major cities of the Mediterranean World – with over 250,000 people.  Today it is a major tourist attraction and an  archaeological site.  The city was partially destroyed by an earthquake in the 7th century and then gradually became swamp land.   Ephesus is one of the Seven Churches of Asia that are cited in the Book of Revelations and most likely the Gospel of John was written from here.

I took a couple of pictures of what is believed to be the House of Mary.  Our guide said that because the Apostle John was told to take care of Mary (from the cross, Jesus said to John, “behold your Mother” and to Mary, “behold your son) and John lived in Ephesus; so that’s one of many reasons for this belief.  There has been some restoration on the house.  There were so many people crowding into the small house that I didn’t go inside – and tried to get photos without a hoard of tourists:

june 12 (4)                    june 12 (5)

It is a small chapel now where people can go in, light a candle, and pray.

Our guide had a really awesome book on Ephesus – it showed pictures of the ruins we were looking at; then in an overlay, showed what the structure looked like originally.  For example, in the picture below, you can see two rows of columns framing a walkway.  This was actually a covered walkway, and there were shops and bazaars lining it.

june 12 (25) june 12 (21)            june 12 (24)

       june 12 (22)

Yep – I know – cute hat and looking pretty homely – but, hey!  It was HOT!!

june 12 (19)

 june 12 (10)  june 12 (14) june 12 (16) june 12 (17)

That’s Marie in the cute hat and peach-colored top 🙂

june 12 (7)

     And there she is again (!) sitting in the auditorium.  This area was used for town gatherings and lectures; possibly used by the Apostle Paul when he journeyed to Ephesus.  The acoustics are great!  Our guide said that sometimes there are concerts here.

                    june 12 (39)

Below is the Library of Celcus.  I love this site.    It was considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Ephesus.  There are statutes in the niches of the columns, that are reproductions of the originals.  (I enlarged the photo, so the resolution isn’t that great.)

june 12 (35)

june 12 (32) june 12 (34)

     Today the site of the Temple of Artemis is marked by a single column constructed of dissociated fragments discovered on the site.

june 12 (47)

Our guide was a true Historian.   On tour days, we were always treated to a delicious lunch in nice restaurants, stayed in nice hotels (when we weren’t on the bus!) and well taken-care of.

june 12 (43)

june 12 (45)      june 12 (42)

And then, I got sick.  Two days down.  But thankfully, we were at home!

Wes, Jess, and Caleb made plans to go to Cappedocia – pictures taken from the apartment window of the three heading to the corner to catch a shuttle to the airport.  They plan to be  back on Saturday.

june 12 (56)

So, it’s just me and Marie for a few days! We’ve got some more exploring to do!

♥♥Until next time ♥♥


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Travel With Me to Istanbul Blog: It's my first trip across the Atlantic Ocean! I'll be travelling with my son, Wes, and his wife, Jess (and friends will be joining us during our journeys) to Istanbul, Turkey for the month of June 2013. We have rented an apartment in the heart of the Old City. I can't wait to explore Istanbul and some other places in Turkey!
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